Rules of conduct


Start small: get your way up, take a lesson!
Make a plan: Every trail and every feature at it’s time. 
Always Look: Scope, test, ride
Respect: nature, animals, trails and other riders
Take it easy: Know your limits, land on your wheels

Pre-Ride: Warm up and explore the trail at a leisurely pace
Re-Ride: Ride several laps on the same trail, this gives you confidence and you get to know the trail, the surface and your equipment better
Free-Ride: Start small and gradually move up to bigger challenges

Let us be safe together on the 3-country Enduro Trails!

Biker Rules

  • Always ride at a controlled speed and at half speed, especially on bends, as obstacles can be expected at any time (e.g. stones, branches, temporarely stored wood, grazing livestock, grazing grates, gates, barriers, tractor-forestry machines, authorised personnel and their vehicles!)
  • Be considerate of hikers and pedestrians and only overtake at walking pace!
  • Take into account the difficulty of the route and accurately assess your experience and skills as a biker! Protect your head with a helmet and check your equipment (brakes, bells, lights) before every bike tour!
  • Keep to barriers and accept that this trail is primarily used for agricultural and forestry purposes! Close the pasture gates!
  • Be considerate to nature and the forest, do not leave the marked routes, refrain from riding off the open paths and finish your bike tour before dusk.
  • Do not leave any litter!

Singletrail Rules

  • Attention! Use at your own risk, only at controlled speed and at half speed - the condition of the slope is not checked!
  • Be considerate of hikers, grazing animals and game. Do not drive off the trail and close the pasture gates!
  • Watch out for alpine dangers!
  • Do not leave tracks! Shortcuts and braked/blocked rear wheels damage the trail!

Code of ethics

  • Ride on designated single trails and mountain bike routes
  • Do not ride on fields or other hiking trails
  • Ride only on paved trails
  • Be considerate and give way
  • Be considerate of other participants and land managers (such as hikers, farmers, etc.) 
  • Assume that the oncoming hiker does not see you and reduce your speed (walking speed)
  • Watch out for traffic and give way
  • Be considerate of animals. Close the pasture gates
  • Avoid blocking the rear wheel. This will keep the paths in good conditions for a londer period
  • Never forget: your riding behaviour influences the opinion and tolerance of the public and the actions of the authorities of administrations towards our sport