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5 mountain cables | 30 singletrails | 60 km trailfun

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Topographically connected across wide plateaus, on trails steeped in history with magnificent views and probably a unique natural experience. The 3-country Enduro Trails will never let you go again

The 3-country Enduro Trails combine a globally unique scenic experience with imposing views, cosy alpine pastures, beautiful lakes, history and culture - interwoven through mountain bike trails. Since mountain biking was discovered and promoted by locals more than 25 years ago, there is a lively mountain bike culture in the villages around the Reschen Pass and you can literally feel you are welcome as a mountain biker.
Moreover, even in midsummer, temperatures in the Reschen Pass are usually pleasant. In addition to jumping into the Reschen lake, further natural lakes in the forests around the Reschen Pass also provide cooling.

Trail descents of the finest quality from almost 2,500 metres above sea level make "runs" with more than 1,000 metres in decent at a time is possible! From flowing to technically demanding, but mostly natural, the trails offer everything an enduro heart desires. On a trail day in the border triangle, you will also pass by important landmarks, such as the 3-country border stone, Nauders mountain castle or the Reschen lake with its striking sunken church tower. Due to the vast size of the area, all types of mountain bikers are spread out inconspicuously throughout the terrain. By the end of the trail, all trails are guaranteed to lead you directly back to your starting point.

Trail fun in the border triangle!

Natural | Varied | Challenging

Enduro bikers and sporty, technically oriented riders will currently find around 60 kilometres of action-packed 3-country Enduro Trails in the border triangle of Austria, Switzerland and Italy - as natural as possible, varied, but not too steep or sloping and still challenging. In the border triangle, borders can be crossed in the truest sence of the word, because many of the 3-country Enduro Trails cross at least one, usually even two national borders - adrenaline guaranteed!

If you don't feel like a hard long climb, you can simply hop on one of the five mountain cable cars with the 3-COUNTRY BIKE CARD - from € 114,- per person for 3 days - together with your bike and be taken comfortably to the starting point of your enduro tour.

An action-packed ride on the Bunkertrail, a varied trail day on the Schöneben and Haideralmtrail or a detour to the iconic 3-country Trail. Let's go on a mountain adventure on the border between North Tyrol and South Tyrol around the Reschen Pass. With us you are spoilt for choice.

Sophisticated trail design & numerous features

Ideal for beginners and our recommendation for the first ride on the 3-country Enduro Trails are our Zirmtrail and the new Schöneben Flowtrail. Thanks to a sophisticated trail design with numerous features, advanced riders can literally take off, while beginners always feel safe with a firm grip under their tyres.

Families and beginners will also find the right terrain for their training sessions on our practice courses and pump tracks. Safety, a feeling for the bike curves and waves can be developed here with a lot of fun before heading out onto the 3-country enduro trails.