• Family trail

    The Family Trail is ideal for beginners and for MTB excursions with children. It leads you from the Riatschhof on easy paths back to the valley station of the Mutzkopf Bahn.

    Length: 1500 m
    Height difference: 150 m
    Level: S1


    Riatschwegele Trail 1 | Trail 2| Variant

    The Riatschwegele Trail 1 continues at the end of the Kreuzmoos Trail towards the Mutzkopf valley station. You will pass the Riatschhof and from there you can continue the Riatschwegele Trail 2 to the Mutzkopf valley station. The variant of the Riatschwegele is the easier route of the Riatschwegele Trail 2. This adapts to the characteristics of the Riatschwegele Trail 2, but it has a lower level of difficulty.  At the end of the trail, the Family Trail leads you to the Mutzkopf valley station.

    Length: 770 m | 480 m
    Height difference: 130 m | 150 m
    Level: S1 | S2


    Green trail

    The highlight at the Mutzkopf is the Green Trail. It starts at the highest point, is 1700 m long and leaves nothing untried to put a big smile on your face. The Green Trail leads into the lower part of the Elven Trail.

    Length: 1700 m
    Height difference: 350 m
    Level: S2


    Kreuzmoos Trail

    The Kreuzmoos Trail opens up the area to the south of the Mutzkopf. A single trail that shows the Mutzkopf from it’s best side and also serves as a connection to the Gerry Tail.

    Length: 1500 m
    Height difference: 200 m
    Level: S2


    Gerry Trail

    The Gerry Trail makes the hearts of experienced bikers beat faster. Playfully it winds it’s way downhill and awaits you with many technical challenges! But don’t worry: every spot can be easily circled and the lower part is much more relaxed.

    Length: 1200 m
    Height difference: 150 m
    Level: S2


    Elven Trail

    The starting point of this trail, which leads continuously downhill, is the mountain restaurant just below the mountain station. With the partly quite direct line choice, the Elven Trail is one of the longer descents on the Mutzkopf and it leads you right below the valley station. Take the cable car up and do it again!

    Length: 2000 m
    Height difference: 450 m
    Level: S3



    The Zirmtrail is ideal for beginners and our recommendation for the first ride on the 3-country Enduro Trails. A sophisticated trail design with numerous features allows advanced riders to literally take off, while beginners always feel firm grip under the tyres.

    Length: 6000 m
    Height difference: 310m
    Level: S0


    Plamort Trail

    The Plamort Trail is a real classic. High up it leads across the picturesque Plamort plateau, passing the famous anti-tank barriers. The Plamort Trail crosses the Austrian-Italian border and ends at the historic bunker complex.

    Length: 1250 m
    Height difference: 30 m
    Level: S1



    The Almtrail leads from the mountain station Bergkastel in direction to Plamort. You will pass the mountain pasture Stieralm. From there the trail continues to the Plamort plateau and then enters the Plamort Trail.

    Length: 2100 m
    Height difference: 200 m
    Level: S1



    The Bergkasteltrail leads from the mountain pasture Stieralm down to the junction of the cycle path. The trail is natural and has some short pedal passages.

    Length: 5500 m
    Height difference: 716m
    Level: S2


    Bunker trail

    Starting point of this trail is the historic bunker complex high above the Resia Lake. If you find the time, you should take a picture with the Resia Lake in the background. The Bunker Trail is the main connection to the south and brings the bikers to the start of the Etsch Trail, which leads further to Resia.

    Length: 1210 m
    Height difference: 273 m
    Level: S2


    Etsch Trail

    You reach the trail just above Resia and is named after the river of the same name in Italy, which has it’s source right next door.  It is the extension of the Bunker Trail and leads down to the village Resia and to the Resia Lake.

    Length: 997 m
    Height difference: 175 m
    Level: S2


    Haider Flow Trail

    The second trail of the Haideralm, the Haider Flow Trail, is a trail from the Haideralm down to St. Valentin, which runs largely on the ski run. Since it also includes forest passages, it is a varied trail for everyone.

    Length: 2202 m
    Height difference: 404 m
    Level: S1


    Grein Trail

    This single trail is also very special. It starts above Spin and is an attractive way to get to St. Valentin and the Haideralm cable car. You get to the starting point at the end of the lower Spin Trail.

    Length: 1500 m
    Height difference: 250 m
    Level: S1


    Lower Spin Trail

    The lower part of the Spin Trail is similar to the upper part. It is a connection to the Grein Trail (direction Haideralm) or the Gorf Trail (direction Schöneben). However, because of the breathtaking ambience it is much more than a functional connection. The Spin Trail ends above the hamlet of Spin.

    Length: 2000 m
    Height difference: 330 m
    Level: S1


    Plattweg Trail

    The Plattweg Trail is an unforgettable single trail of the 3-Country Enduro region. It takes the bikers into the lonely South Tyrolean mountain world, offers deep views of the Resia Lake and – by the way – takes you north. At the Schneider crossing it joins the lower Spin Trail and afterwards you can choose between the Grein Trail (back to the Haideralm) or the Gorf Trail (further on to Schöneben).

    Length: 2300 m
    Height difference: 250 m
    Level: S2


    Haideralm Trail

    Here the 3-Country Enduro Trails show what they are made of. The Haideralm Trail is considered the most demanding trail in the round. With the necessary riding skills, the Haideralm Trail is a real announcement!

    Length: 3810 m
    Height difference: 628 m
    Level: S3


    Upper Spin Trail

    The Spin Trail leads the bikers through the lonely mountain world of the 3 country corner. Again and again you see the Resia Lake and suddenly you know: this is the right place for me!  The Upper Spin Trail leads you to the Schneider crossing. From here you can either return to the Schöneben Bahn or continue south to the Haideralm.

    Length: 2110 m
    Height difference: 195 m
    Level: S1


    Gorf Trail

    The Gorf Trail begins above Spin at the end of the lower Spin Trail and this section of the trail is the connection down to the riverside cycle path. From there you can take the cycle path in direction north to the cable car Schöneben and Resia.

    Length: 950 m
    Height difference: 150 m
    Level: S1


    Giern Trail

    On the lower Schöneben Trail, at the last crossing of the ski slope, a trail leads towards St. Valentin and Giern. The Giern Trail is the connection to the Resia Lake and ends at the Restaurant Giern. From there you can take the cycle path to St. Valentin.

    Length: 1000 m
    Height difference: 50 m
    Level: S1


    3-Country Trail

    The 3-Country Trail is the classic one among the 3-Country Enduro Trails. The starting point of this scenic and technical driving trail is Italy. We continue through Austria, passing picturesque mountain lakes until we finally find ourselves in Switzerland.

    Length: 2790 m
    Height difference: 246 m
    Level: S2


    Upper Schöneben Trail

    The dream comes true for every single trail pilot: the upper part of the Schöneben Trail nestles into the landscape and let it crack properly. From the Schöneben railway mountain station, the trail descends through light woods to the overpass: the turnoff towards the 3-country trail or further on the lower Schöneben Trail.

    Length: 1850 m
    Height difference: 312 m
    Level: S2


    Lower Schöneben Trail

    The character changes only slightly in the lower part. Wonderful cross rides and deep views of the Resia Lake make the Schöneben Trail an unforgettable experience – an experience that can be repeated over and over again, thanks to the cable car of Schöneben.

    Length: 1520 m
    Height difference: 274 m
    Level: S2